About Me


I want to congratulate you for taking a step towards a healthier you !

My name is Rachana! I’m a professionally trained nutritional health coach, doctor, co-author, holistic health adviser, meditation and yoga self practitioner, certified cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner and an overall wellness advocate.  joyful girl, happy

I created Wellness Boon to empower individuals to discover their highest potential, design their healthiest self, identify and remove inflammatory triggers from body and mind and recharge their life.

I am extremely passionate about working with individuals with existing health conditions and chronic inflammation heal their body naturally. My primary focus is geared towards women who are struggling to strike a balance in their personal and professional life, address any health concerns, their health goals and help them unlock their healthiest potential.

I am a medical doctor from India. I pursued my career with additional medical training in United States of America.  Throughout my career I was involved with various medical research projects, co-authored a book on sleep disorders in children. Like many professionals I juggled between my personal and professional life. My stress levels were extremely high. The chronic stress and unhealthy food choices that I made created a nidus for chronic inflammation in my body affecting my overall health.

The word “self-care” was just another concept to me.

I knew only one way of eating! I did not know food and nutrition is an important piece to the bigger puzzle in the health and wellness world! With all the quality education and the rich medical knowledge that  I honored, I still felt the need to learn more about nutrition. I graduated from the top nutrition school in the world, in New York, with cutting edge research and transformational tools.

Health is a journey not a destination!

My personal health journey started when I decided to take a single powerful step to transform myself and make a radical shift in both my body and mind. I took a closer look at my diet and lifestyle. I understood the implications of adding nurturing, nutritious foods to my diet and noticed a positive shift in my health.  As part of my health journey, I self-discovered  ayurveda and learnt the importance of eating for my body type. It was transformational.  I incorporate ayurvedic lifestyle in my own personal life. I mastered the ayurvedic cooking with rich authentic medicinal herbs and spices that helped heal many of my clients. All that being said, health is ” a journey to re-discover yourself” It’s less about weight loss and more about honoring one’s own unique self.  You  really can have your favorite cake and eat it too!  My goal is to encourage my clients to discover what is right for their body. There is no one way of eating and “no one diet would work for everyone” !!

As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I follow a holistic approach. I create a unique personalized health and wellness blueprint, a health plan tailored to each individual client needs, where I look at all aspects of their life. MY METHOD IS SIMPLE, POWERFUL AND SUSTAINABLE!!  Remember, health is a journey to explore our unique self and everything we eat matters!

As your health coach and a mother of two, I can relate to the daily lifestyle stressors we all face. I’m here to teach you the powerful tools to transform your overall health.  My present practice is solely focused towards personalized health and wellness coaching. My goal as a professional health coach is to educate people about general preventable health conditions, make them take that single powerful step towards building a happier and healthier self.


Take your next step! Let’s have a friendly talk!